Protect your valuables

Baggage wrapping

Baggage wrapping secures that your baggage will travel safe and in perfect condition protecting them from: Opening and theft, Damages and delays, Bad weather effects, Scratches and dirts, Accidental opening. It costs 6 euro per baggage of any size. It is located at the Departures next to Gate 2, Gate 3, Arrivals Gate 1 and operates 24hours.

Store your bag

Baggage storage

Athens International Airport

Baggage storage is located at Arrivals Hall next to Gate 1. Operates 24 hours.

Thessaloniki Airport "Makedonia"

Opening hours: 06.00 - 22.00

All stored items are controlled by X- Ray and monitored by CCTV during all storage time.

For Prices please refer to Price catalogue
shipping around the world

Courier services

Care4Bag provides courier and forwarding services for letters, items and baggage all around Greece and over the world. Please apply to Baggage Storage service point at Arrivals Hall – Gate 1 for courier services and information .